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About Jump Start Kids
  • Jump Start Kids is an all day childcare centre with an equal emphasis on care and education

    Jump Start Kids is an all day childcare centre with an equal emphasis on care and education

    We cater for all children from birth to school and children with diverse needs are welcome.  

     Our full time teachers are qualified early childhood education graduates and most of them are also mothers. We choose people who are passionate about education for young children and who also represent the cultures in the wider community around the centre.We welcome that diversity.

    Our centre chef prepares fresh food from scratch every day so that your child will enjoy a hot lunch and smaller snacks designed to nourish and delight.  Meals are based on the Ministry of Health recommendations for preschool age children.   Some of the vegetables are grown by the children.

    Communication between home and centre is key to your child’s success. At Jump Start Kids we have chosen to share the learning stories written by the teachers in electronic form through the Educa Programme. This means that as well as the beautiful portfolios for each child in the classrooms, you get instant notification of new stories,  photos  and newsletters on your phone or computer. 

  • Languages spoken by our teachers include English, Hindi, Mandarin, Urdu, Singalese, Cantonese, Tamil, Gujarati, Arabic, Punjabi and Pashto. We are all working on our Te Reo Māori as well.

    Included in the fees are nappies and bedding where appropriate. 

  • To achieve these aims our teaching staff will be dedicated professionals who continually develop and reflect on their own practice. They will provoke and extend children’s thinking through meaningful conversations, and intentional teaching.

    We provide a safe, inclusive and respectful environment where accepting without prejudice, trusting, supporting and listening to each other, while having fun, are paramount.

  • Friendly atmosphere plus quality children care.

    Jump Start Kids is a learning community made up of children, their families, their teachers and our support team.

    We celebrate the many cultures that make up this community while acknowledging Maori as Tangata Whenua of Aotearoa. Within this context we aim to develop partnerships with families and the wider community encouraging open communication and positive reciprocal relationships.

    To develop confident and competent learners for the twentyfirst century we encourage attributes such as curiosity, persistence, problem solving skills, imagination, creativity, cooperation and independence. All children are given choice, time and space and are encouraged to assess their own learning.They will be listened to and given freedom to learn in their own way.

    We follow the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum Te Whāriki to create a flexible learning environment based on children’s interests and purposeful play. A high value is placed on literacy, mathematics, science, technology and the arts. Teachers will ensure that they plan for learning in these areas. At the same time we will foster physical development, social skills and self care appropriate for the age and developmental stage of each child.

  • Why do people send their children to Jump Start Kids?

    • Full time teachers are qualified and registered.
    • We have a very low turnover of staff.
    • Our teachers are mostly parents themselves and are friendly and approachable.
    • Jump Start Kids is privately owned with interested on-site owners.
    • It is spacious with good resources, large playgrounds and plenty of parking.
    • Our centre is culturally diverse and welcomes that diversity.
    • Our centre has low teacher/child ratios.
    • We have a very good ERO report and positive comments from Ministry of Education officers.
    • We create fantastic portfolios which reflect the individual learning of your child and become a treasure for you to keep.
    • We provide an on-line portfolio which you are welcome to share with other family members.
    • We have delicious, nutritious, centre cooked food and can cater for special requirements.
    • Our fees include all extras such as food, nappies, bedding, sun block etc. 
    • We celebrate many important occasions and festivals and invite you to participate.
    • private playground

      We got huge private playground and lot of toys

    • Friendly owners

      we got friendly owners in centre every day to ensure everything going well.

    • Many languages spoken

      Our staff speak multiple languages

    • 20 hours free

      20 hours free for children over 3

    • Mt Albert train station

      We are located near Mt Albert train station which means easy access for you to drop kids