• Core Services

    Feel free to explore our core skills

    Here we endeavour to extend children’s learning in preparation for that all important transition to school. Something as simple as knowing how to open your lunch box can become a major trauma if you’re not prepared.

    While the programme is still based on high level play and the children’s interests, our fully qualified teachers work to give them speaking, writing, art and maths opportunities as well as encouraging physical exploration of the large playground. We grow vegies and flowers and care for our worm farm and our two budgies. The small creatures to be found in the natural environment are a constant source of wonder.    

    Growing independence and making good decisions is encouraged as is the ability to develop good relationships with others.  Children become able to recognize and drive their own learning, have opinions and be resilient to change.

    They are regularly taken on train trips to the library and generally spend more time out in the community

    You can be assured that your child will have the best start for school. Teachers are happy to advise on the things you can do at home to help this transition.

  • Other Services

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    • cooks all food

      Centre chef cooks all food

    • Huge playground

      We got huge private playground

    • languages spoken

      We Speak many languages, most of our staff knows multiple languages

    • Free 20 hours

      20 hours free for children over 3 and got great staff ratios